Balancing work and family! Mommyhood, oh my!

expecting mother standing in garden balancing work and mommyhood

Don’t do it! I’m kidding, but be patient with yourself! It’s definitely a challenge but totally doable. Balancing work and family does not exist…at least in my world, it doesn’t! I blame the Aquarius in me. I either overdo it in one area and neglect the other or vice versa. Slowly, learning that prioritizing allows me to be patient with myself. It teaches me to focus on what’s important and what needs to be done.

Step by Step, Day by Day

First up! Lists, lists, and more lists! These simple things have saved me! Bonus Tip: Add the time-sensitive tasks to your Google Calendar, and set a reminder. I always find myself with things let on my to-do lists at the end of the day, but I challenge myself to get at least 5 things done. If I accomplish more, I consider myself “Superwoman!” However, here’s a moment of truth: Sometimes I get zero things done. This usually happens when the baby boy needs some extra lovin’!

Secondly, delegate!  This is something I’m learning, and it’s still hard for me!  I tend to take on everything, and hardly ever ask for help.  Well, motherhood has changed me and challenged this aspect of my life.  I need help, and I can’t do everything.  I’ll also add that the need for perfection will drive you crazy, and can cause you to procrastinate.  Do the task, plan the event, take on the new role!  It will not be perfect, but it doesn’t have to be rewarding.  Trust me!

Third, multi-task on a 100!  At any given moment, I can be feeding the baby, working on the computer, and pumping for his next feeding.  This is what I call normal nowadays, and this normal allows me to get so much done.  

Subsequently, live in the moment!  I’m told continuously he’ll only be this little for a moment, and it’s true.  He is growing so much each day, and somedays I just soak it all in.  On those days entrepreneurship takes a backseat to this amazing little boy, and I’m learning to be okay with that. Writing has helped with this as well. From journaling to blogging for Decatur Twisted, it’s allowed me to almost pause time and reflect.

Above all else, take time for you!  I cannot stress this enough.  You need to put you first as often as you can.  To do this you will need a lot of support.  Go get the pedicure, take that nap, read that book, wash your hair, or just take a walk.  Whatever makes you feel like you, do it!

Follow, Follow, Follow…

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Here are a few throwbacks to when I was carrying my baby boy! So, what does “balancing work and family” look like in your household?

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