Black Lives Matter and how to support!

“A riot is the language of the unheard.”

Dr. Martin Luther King

In case you don’t know, “Black Lives Matter!” In case you don’t understand, “All Lives” can’t matter until “Black Lives Matter,” too. As a mother to a black son, daughter to a black father, sister to black brothers, and lover to a black man this fight is personal for me! The unjust murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Traylor, and so many more have sparked outrage in my community, across the United States and other countries. The protests against police brutality, racism, and the unjust murders previously mentioned have mobilized millions to take action. Action can take many forms. These forms may include protesting, educating others, consciously choosing where you spend your dollars, being an active listener, and donating. Personally, I’ve been a listener, educator, donator, and currently choosing who and where I spend my dollars.

Here is a list of organizations that you can join and support to help fight the fight against racism and police brutality. Feel free to drop others in the comments below.

Stay tuned as we share a list of brands to support if you choose to consciously spend your dollars. Until then stay safe and take care of yourselves!

Update: This article by NY Mag “The Strategist” is a great resource of 115 organizations, and bonus they’re grouped by how recipients promise to use the donations. It also links the memorial funds for the victims mentioned above.

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